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Re: Dsiposal of Waste

Subject: Re: Dsiposal of Waste
From: Chris Hastie
Date: Nov 28 2000 10:00:17
On Tue, 28 Nov 2000 Tim Moya <> wrote
Thanks to both Ken and Clive for info on burning chip as fuel.  I'm not
certain that this is an environmentally acceptable option unless we can
show that we are maintaining or increasing the tree populations from
which the material is taken but it seem a very attractive option from
the point of view of disposal of arisings.

We have to get fuel from somewhere, and sun, wind and wave ain't gonna
replace all that oil on their own. Burning wood chip at least has the
advantage that taken over the lifetime of a tree, it has zero net
greenhouse gas output. All the CO2 released in burning has previously
been absorbed by the tree. Indeed, burning woodchip is a slightly round
about version of solar power really! (OK, so so is burning oil and coal,
but then you have to look at it over millennia)

Chris Hastie
OakWood Arboricultural Consultancy

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