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RE: New pruning advice

Subject: RE: New pruning advice
From: Peter Thurman
Date: Nov 29 2000 19:51:57
The horticultural world and gardening media have grave misconceptions about 
many aspects of trees and tree management. Recent postings including one 
I've just picked up are illustrations of this.

For a short while in the 1980's I was a member of the Arb Assoc. Publicity 
Committee. All we talked about was the journal -  which has nothing to do 
with publicity.

I tried to get that committee to start producing proactive press releases - 
on topical subjects - as and when required but they couldn't see the point 
- so I resigned.

It still galls me that, after the 1987 storm, our local radio and 
television stations here in Sussex, interviewed someone from what they 
obviously thought was the lead body for trees - the "Men of the Trees".

These misconceptions will continue and professional tree bodies will remain 
anonymous unless the organisations that represent us do something about it. 

It's no good just individuals rattling off indignant e-mails.

Proactive, or even just reactive, press and public relations has got to 
become part of the remit of the numerous bodies that we belong to - perhaps 
that's the problem.

Peter Thurman

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