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Re: Trees as Environmental Sinks

Subject: Re: Trees as Environmental Sinks
From: Andrew Nicholson
Date: Nov 30 2000 07:57:20
I wonder what the carbon pollution absorbtion abilities of the dreaded
Leylandii are. I have heard that they are very high indeed, and I suppose
that when you consider the dense leaf area, it is no surprise that they also
act well as  noise and light scrubbers. I would have thought that highways
departments across our green and pleasant land, would have used them to
screen the lighted approach arteries to our cities and towns. The advantages
to local residents would be:
1.    reduction in noise levels.
2.    reduction  in carbon pollutants.
3.    screening of roadside lights.
4.    nesting sites.

The disadvantages;
1.    loss of daylight to immediate local residents.
2.    more work for tree surgeons.

Andrew Nicholson (Amberley Tree Services)

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Subject: Trees as Environmental Sinks

I attended Trees 2000 this summer at Keele University, where Dr Peter
Freer-Smith spoke about the above subject, my notes could be better but a
couple of facts stuck in my mind.

- One Oak tree growing for one hundred years will absorb just one years
worth of carbon produced by one car !.
- It takes 7 hectares of continuous cover forest to remove the pollutants
from 1.7 cars.

the main thrust was trees help with removal of pollutants and particulates
from the atmosphere but it is not the answer to the problem, and that the
use of fossil fuels must be cut.


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