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RE: Trees and Speed

Subject: RE: Trees and Speed
From: Edmondson, Neil
Date: Dec 01 2000 16:44:28
I would suspect that domestic violence is lower were tree are present
because of the general beneficial effects of living in association with
trees and/or a more natural environment.

Trees do strengthen urban communities. You have only got to look at he price
of houses in areas where mature street trees are prevalent!.

Personally, if I were arguing for the planting of street trees I can think
of a lot more obvious benefits they provide other than a rather spurious
claim that they slow down traffic. 

Its got me thinking though, some of the street trees I have seen full of
dead wood and Ganoderma cause me to speed up as  drive underneath them!  

keep it coming 

good stuff 

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From: Tony Ash []
Sent: 01 December 2000 16:21
To:   UK Tree Care
Subject:      RE: Trees and Speed

I don't think reducing drivers vision slows people down; well it doesn't
seem to when its very foggy on motorways.  

I don't think its a loosing argument.  There has been research showing how
trees can reduce domestic violence.( Sullivan + Kuo 1996. Do trees
strengthen Urban Communities, Reduce Domestic Violence? USDA Forestry
R8-FR 56.)
Maybe the calming effect of trees can make motorists less hyper.


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