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RE: Trees and Speed

Subject: RE: Trees and Speed
From: Barber, Helen
Date: Dec 01 2000 16:44:30

Your right. Research has also been carried out in the USA on the beneficial
effects of a green environment (trees or other vegetation) on reducing
recouperation periods for patients in hospitals (cant remember where I read
that!!). I have no doubt that trees have psychologically calming effects on
the human soul, nor am I saying we shouldnt be greening our street scenes
(infact the opposite). I just have serious doubts that trees are an
effective traffic calmer (unless blown over). Feel free to convince me
otherwise, it would be nice to find out they were (maybe then we could get
rid of the dreadful speed humps and save my poor cars suspension!!!)



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Sent: Friday, December 01, 2000 4:21 PM
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Subject:      RE: Trees and Speed

I don't think reducing drivers vision slows people down; well it doesn't
seem to when its very foggy on motorways.  

I don't think its a loosing argument.  There has been research showing how
trees can reduce domestic violence.( Sullivan + Kuo 1996. Do trees
strengthen Urban Communities, Reduce Domestic Violence? USDA Forestry
R8-FR 56.)
Maybe the calming effect of trees can make motorists less hyper.


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