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Re: Disposal of Waste/sustainable fuels

Subject: Re: Disposal of Waste/sustainable fuels
From: Chris Hastie
Date: Dec 01 2000 21:49:51
On Fri, 1 Dec 2000 "Baker, Rupert" <> wrote
People  have been talking about water as a fuel for years;  and its true,
you can split water into hydrogen and oxygen, and then either use the
hydrogen in a fuel cell or burn it, to release energy.  The problem is, you
need to put the same amount of energy into splitting the water into its
component hydrogen and oxygen, as what you'd get out of it - its called the
2nd(Ithink) law of thermodynamics.

Conventionally true. However, a few years ago I saw a couple of
interesting articles and a TV documentary about some evidence to show
you can indeed split water with little apparent energy input.

It seems that over a considerable period various eccentric scientists
have inadvertently found themselves dealing with rather more energy than
the expected. I have a vague recollection of some story of a guy a
century or so ago managing to blow his laboratory up by pulsing very low
currents. A rather clearer memory was the account of a fire station in
the US that had a new heating system installed using similar pulsed
currents. When it's efficiency was measured it was over 100%!

And best of all some guy had found that by passing similar low current
pulses through water it split, and had used this to build a car that had
a hydrogen internal combustion engine and a tank full of water. He'd
apparently demonstrated this vehicle to the US government, and here
questions had been asked in the House of Lords. And it wasn't April 1st
- I checked :)

The theory seemed to be that somehow they were tapping into 'zero-point
energy' - the energy the universe would still have it was cooled to
absolute zero. If all this is true just why we're not all driving around
in water powered cars is a mystery. Though come to think of it, just
what the effects of using up the universe's zero-point energy is also a
big mystery. E=mc², perhaps the universe would slowly disappear. Or
maybe light wouldn't go so fast!

It's proved difficult to find anything on the web about all this.
Perhaps I dreamt it :) But try for loads of weird stuff
or the links at
Chris Hastie

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