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Re: "Arb method statements"

Subject: Re: "Arb method statements"
From: CGBashford
Date: Dec 02 2000 00:11:41
In a message dated 01/12/00 09:42:30 GMT Standard Time, writes:

<<  have found some varations between what different L.A.'s will accept.
 Is there a definitive guide to arb method statements out there ? >>


This issue has been the subject of a fairly long recent thread on this forum. 
 My opinion that there are variations on what LPA's will accept was I believe 
contested.  My further opinion that we need positive guidance on this issue 
from perhaps DETR possibly along the lines of the TPO "Blue Book", seems to 
have fallen on deaf ears.  Currently there is no definitive guide to arb 
method statements and certainly no standard appproach by local authorities on 

I would suggest that you check on past postings, I suspect that Chris Hastie 
would be able to guide you to these.


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