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RE: Trees and Speed

Subject: RE: Trees and Speed
From: Tony Ash
Date: Dec 04 2000 08:45:12
Chris wrote
<<Something about chickens and eggs comes to mind here. Trees in cities,
in this one any way, tend to be more prevalent in more affluent, low
density areas. Where there is cheap, high density housing there is
little room for trees.>>
Very true, Chris.  It shows how much consideration was given to people
during the sixties slum clearance programmes, replacing them(slums) with
even higher density housing.  Cram them all in and you will get more
problems.  Seems so obvious to most people as a gut reaction without having
to embark on endless research.  The object lesson for planners is create
housing where there is enough room for trees to be planted and grow to their
full potential.  

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