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From: Treecheck
Date: Dec 07 2000 21:35:44
I have been speaking to the People in the Bio regional Development Group who 
are workign on the Tree Station Idea.

In a nutshell they are doing a budget for a proposed station in South London 
and are looking for another feasibility case elsewhere. I may offer the 
NorthWest but must advise that they are a long way from a live and kicking 
and self sustaining unit at this stage.

My own view that a TS has got to pay if it is going to work and keep working  
and giving motivation to users and operators on any basis other than good 
economics just WILL NOT WORK.

Does anybody know of any small or large firms running a tree station type 
business at the moment and making it pay. A usful start might be to study 
what works at the moment and not try to reinvent the wheel. The BDG have got 
some good ideas and some research and Dev. funds but maybe you guys know 
somebody out there who is already recycling trees and making a living.


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