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From: Nick Wilkinson
Date: Dec 07 2000 22:00:43

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Does anybody know of any small or large firms running a tree station type
business at the moment and making it pay. A usful start might be to study
what works at the moment and not try to reinvent the wheel. The BDG have
some good ideas and some research and Dev. funds but maybe you guys know
somebody out there who is already recycling trees and making a living.



Not owning a chipper myself, and producing green waste other than
straightforward brash, I tip at this place:-

Waste Recycling Group plc - Composting Centre
Langar Composting Site
Coach Gap Lane
Nottingham NG13 9JN
Tel: 01949 XXXXXX

The place has changed hands a few times, and was threatened with closure,
but WRG seem to do a bit better at running it now. I don't know where the
end product goes - with Leicester, Derby and Nottingham nearby, you would
think they would have trouble producing it fast enough to feed the various
local authority parks & gardens departments, but I get the feeling that they
struggle to get rid of it.

They do miss out on a lot of opportunities. They used to shred and screen
some of it to produce a very fine compost, which made excellent top dressing
for lawns, but that stopped, probably to save costs.

Anyway, as well as being able to recycle my waste rather than tip into
landfill (plus I save £17 or so per tonne cf landfill rates), I am happy to
use them.

They have a web site -

Hope that helps..


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