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From: Moore, Kevin
Date: Dec 11 2000 08:34:21

Down here in Essex we do not have any pure tree stations they are all
genneral recyling facilities. All are tacked on to other companies be them
land fill companies who shred everything (including contaminates) and then
mix it up with the fil capping.
or tree surgery genneral recycling companies.

At this years arb assosiation conferance John Steward of the tree fella gave
a presentation about this subject (well green waste gennerally) and he put
some sums up on the wall that where quite scary. Basically at this time in
the uk with timber value so low and most of the big markets for end product
tieds up in overly complex spesifications etc, it is incredibly difficult to
make vast sums of money or even enough to keep  ticking over.

He is well worth a chat with as he has been in the game for a few years now,
he can be contacted on 01702 XXXXXX (the tree fella) or there may be some
info of help at 

The other thing worth mentioning is the EA in this area that licence all
such transfers (and if memory serves me right) you would require some
liecence from them well lets just say they are very hot on the subject and
to my knowledge have shut 2 sites in the regone in the last cople of month
for exceeding there agreed quantities and 'poor site conditins' whatever
that means??????

Hope  that this is of use and john at the tree fella can give you some



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I have been speaking to the People in the Bio regional Development Group who

are workign on the Tree Station Idea.

In a nutshell they are doing a budget for a proposed station in South London

and are looking for another feasibility case elsewhere. I may offer the 
NorthWest but must advise that they are a long way from a live and kicking 
and self sustaining unit at this stage.

My own view that a TS has got to pay if it is going to work and keep working

and giving motivation to users and operators on any basis other than good 
economics just WILL NOT WORK.

Does anybody know of any small or large firms running a tree station type 
business at the moment and making it pay. A usful start might be to study 
what works at the moment and not try to reinvent the wheel. The BDG have got

some good ideas and some research and Dev. funds but maybe you guys know 
somebody out there who is already recycling trees and making a living.


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