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Why do people want trees pruned?

Subject: Why do people want trees pruned?
From: John Flannigan
Date: Dec 11 2000 13:14:44
I am currently investigating the reasons why people want trees pruned or
felled. I am trying to ask as many tree professional as possible to respond
to the following information. I hope it is self explanatory - if not please
feel free to ask me any questions.

All of us working in the Arboricultural industry will be confronted by
someone wanting a tree pruned or felled. I am researching the reasons why
people want trees pruned and to do this effectively it is essential that as
many people as possible can share information about this subject. I am
hoping that the results of this survey will enable a fuller understanding of
the relationship between trees and people. 

Could you please complete the following in the order listed below - it will
help with the analysis.

1. Contact name, address, type of tree professional e.g. Tree Officer (TPO,
Contracts), Tree Contractor etc
2. Do you record the reasons why people want trees pruned?
3. If you answered Yes to question 2, is this information easily accessible
and would you be prepared to share the information?
4. If you are prepared to share the information could you list the reasons
for tree pruning with the most popular at the top.
5. You may not record the reasons why people want trees pruned. However,
could you still list the reasons that you receive for pruning/felling
requests with your perception of the most popular at the top
6. All respondents - could you please describe the most unusual, strangest
or weirdest reasons for tree pruning that you have encountered.
7. Please provide any other information that you think will be of interest.
8. If the tree's owner, or tree's neighbour, request for felling or pruning
is carried out how many trees would this affect on an annual basis. Please
list felling and pruning separately.
8. Please indicate whether you would be interested in becoming directly
involved in this project at a later date. This would involve me sending you
a database (free of charge of course) which I would ask you to complete for
every pruning request - customer details would be kept by your self, I would
only be interested in the reasons for the pruning/felling request. More
details will follow.

I look forward to your replies.

John Flannigan
Trees & Grounds Contract Officer, North Somerset Council.


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