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RE: Why do people want trees pruned?

Subject: RE: Why do people want trees pruned?
From: Baker, Rupert
Date: Dec 12 2000 15:10:59

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        From:   John Flannigan []
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        Subject:        Why do people want trees pruned?

        Could you please complete the following in the order listed below -
it will help with the analysis.
        Dear John..............
1.      Contact name, address, type of tree professional e.g. Tree Officer
                Rupert Baker, Senior Arb. Officer, Torbay Council, TPO's,
Parks Trees, Highway trees.
2.      Do you record the reasons why people want trees pruned?
3.      If you answered Yes to question 2, is this information easily
accessible and would you be prepared to share the information?
4.      If you are prepared to share the information could you list the
reasons for tree pruning with the most popular at the top.
5.      You may not record the reasons why people want trees pruned.
However, could you still list the reasons that you receive for
pruning/felling requests with your perception of the most popular at the top
        .......I love trees, but..........
        It's dangerous
        Its blocking my view
        Its taking my light
        It's dropping leaves, twigs, fruit, etc in my gutters, on my lawn,
        It prevents my garden from growing -too dark, too dry, etc
        It's damaging my wall/bank/gate/building
        It may cause subsidence
        It drips sticky stuff on my car/ house /garden
        It makes my house go green
        It makes the neighbourhood look untidy
        It's making me depressed
        It's in the way of my proposed driveway/ extension/new bung etc
        Kids climb up it and get in my garden
        Kids play around it - the noise annoys me
        It's grown 5/10/20/30 feet in the last year
        Birds roost in the tree and make noise/crap on my washing etc.
        The tree is so big that it only attracts big birds, and I don't get
the small native birds in my garden.
        It gives heavy drops of water when it rains
        Creaking branches keep me awake
        It gives me asthma
        It makes a mess of my nice concrete patio
        It's a forest tree - it shouldn't be in a town

        On occasion it becomes quite hard to see why we have trees; they are
such a bloody nuisance to so many people;  then you remove one and all hell
breaks loose from the other lobby.

        6.      All respondents - could you please describe the most
unusual, strangest or weirdest reasons for tree pruning that you have
        7.      Please provide any other information that you think will be
of interest.
8.      If the tree's owner, or tree's neighbour, request for felling or
pruning is carried out how many trees would this affect on an annual basis.
Please list felling and pruning separately.
        Brain to grammatical centres - does not compute
        9.      Please indicate whether you would be interested in becoming
directly involved in this project at a later date. This would involve me
sending you a database (free of charge of course) which I would ask you to
complete for every pruning request - customer details would be kept by your
self, I would only be interested in the reasons for the pruning/felling
request. More details will follow.
        I don't know whther we'd be able to, given time commitments - and
we're facing £12m worth of cuts for next year; so may not be here to help
        Rupert Baker
                I look forward to your replies.

        John Flannigan
        Trees & Grounds Contract Officer, North Somerset Council.


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