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Re: Why do people want trees pruned?

Subject: Re: Why do people want trees pruned?
From: simon.pryce
Date: Dec 12 2000 23:18:40
Reasons I've seen are generally the same as those sent in by Ron Howe & the
other respondents.  However below are a few unusual reasons and comments I
thought were worth sharing.

This tree now poses a very real danger to the pedestrians and especially
young children of the estate who play in the road.

This tree has for many years been a persistent nuisance to residents with
falling leaves and its self seeding properties together with the attraction
of self secreting aphids

If you had a rogue elephant in the herd would it not be right to shoot it

"The churchyard is not and cannot be regarded as an amenity area for the
inhabitants of *****.   It is the burial and final resting place of former
inhabitants, no matter whether they were church members or not."

My love of trees and preservation of all green and open spaces is well known
but this does not blind me to the fact that sometimes, extreme measures are
necessary if we are to strike a happy medium.
I trust that this can be resolved amicably.

Rabbits may not be conducive to tree growth without suitable protection.
[Ecologist's report]

To further enhance community safety from not only the flora but also in the
interests of crime prevention, the Parish Council have sited electric lights
along the lane.

Every time there is a gale my wife is frankly terrified and I must admit
that I gaze up at the swaying straining mass myself in more than just mild

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