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RE: Why do people want trees pruned?

Subject: RE: Why do people want trees pruned?
From: Moore, Kevin
Date: Dec 13 2000 08:23:55

I think i have replyed to a similar message to this a while ago but i have
laid out a responce for you below, i know for a fact that there was a
similar string to this a while back so if you did not see that cheak out the

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From: John Flannigan []
Sent: 11 December 2000 13:14
To: UK Tree Care
Subject: Why do people want trees pruned?

1. Contact name, address, type of tree professional e.g. Tree Officer (TPO,
Contracts), Tree Contractor etc

LA tree officer in planning department but offering advice upon instruction
to all other departments, Plus part time Arb trainer/assessor/lecturer

2. Do you record the reasons why people want trees pruned?

In an adhoc fashion yes.

3. If you answered Yes to question 2, is this information easily accessible
and would you be prepared to share the information?

Err no it is mixed in with a load of other stuff and held on paper and it

As far as possibble yes

4. If you are prepared to share the information could you list the reasons
for tree pruning with the most popular at the top.

Wel pritty much  all that has beenn seen so far and those i posted
previously, but after this last bout of winds and an unfortunate car
crushing incident that was reported in the llocal press the number of people
who now seep in there back rooms for fear of their life when it is windy
seems to have risen, interestingly enough though most of these people seem
to have very large trees in the rear garden???????

I dont think that I mentioned this one before but as a TPO officer the top
reason in terms of numbers must be ' o it's so unfair i payed so much mooney
for this plot of land  (sob sob) unless i can fell that entire asrea of
Trees/semi natural anchent woodlands etc i really dont think im  going to
break even on this site ......
Reply ' did you know there was a TPO here befor you bought the plot?'

Builder O yer but i didnt think it ment much???????

5. You may not record the reasons why people want trees pruned. However,
could you still list the reasons that you receive for pruning/felling
requests with your perception of the most popular at the top

See above

6. All respondents - could you please describe the most unusual, strangest
or weirdest reasons for tree pruning that you have encountered.

Most annoying was the mother of a very small child (about 3-4  yrs old i
think but definatly pre school age.) because when she let her child play
unattended out the fron of her hose  (which was positioned on a bit of a rat
run for traffic) the child used to pick up hands full of the crab apples and
eat them, This made her very ill????!!!! Proberbly not as ill as when she
runs out in front of a car!!!

7. Please provide any other information that you think will be of interest.

In my personel experiace people and trees fall into two catorgories ! the
tree lovers, thease are the people whgo will find any excuss to stop you
pruning a tree even down to the folks who chain themselves top them and risk
ther own life.

The others are those who have a paathological hatred for trees and will find
any excuss to try and get the thing cut down, even going as far as risking
there life ( you must have seen them tennon saw small 100yr old wooden
ladder 2am hacking lumps of the tree!)

It is the exception of people who sit quietly enjoying the tree and when you
come to prune or fell it ask what is happening and when you have told them
say ' o well thats a shame im sure you know best, would you like a cup of

8. If the tree's owner, or tree's neighbour, request for felling or pruning
is carried out how many trees would this affect on an annual basis. Please
list felling and pruning separately.

Err i will have to get back to you on that one, but what i would say is most
requests for pruning (well an estimate of 50-60%) when you see the people
envolved in the application or request say something allong the lines of '
can i prun it off a 2 feet below ground and would be much happier if the
tree was gone.

8. Please indicate whether you would be interested in becoming directly
involved in this project at a later date. This would involve me sending you
a database (free of charge of course) which I would ask you to complete for
every pruning request - customer details would be kept by your self, I would
only be interested in the reasons for the pruning/felling request. More
details will follow.

I would like to get envolved as far as time allows, If you wish i could pas
this infor round some of my students???

I look forward to your replies.

John Flannigan
Trees & Grounds Contract Officer, North Somerset Council.


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