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RE: Why do people want trees pruned?

Subject: RE: Why do people want trees pruned?
From: Tony Ash
Date: Dec 13 2000 08:53:59
|I think by now we can get the gist of the thread.  I love trees but....

What a lot of tree people don't appreciate is that a lot of tree problems
are caused by the wrong tree being planted in the wrong place.  If I had a
London Plane planted 1 metre from my front window as a planting scheme for
instant effect, I'd complain to my local tree officer.

I love trees but.... As a tree officer, if someone complains about a tree, I
get paid to have a look.  If the tree is obviously not in the right place,
I'll get it felled, if its within my powers to do so.  If your own back yard
was filled with an impressive Sycamore that overhung the neighbouring 4
gardens ( we are talking small city type gardens) would you keep it, even if
you couldn't even grow grass underneath?  I wouldn't.  The answer to such
problems is to pick out the seedling before it gets to big, or, during the
development stage, get rid of the tree when plans show it will obviously
cause problems in the future; ensure that the development proposals include
proper locations for trees to be planted and grow to a decent size.

Where I work, some idiot , probably a landscape architect, thought it would
be a great idea to plant Tree of Heaven as street trees about 3 metres from
the properties all in a nice line down the road on a development in the
early 80's.  Then along comes some poor sucker (me?)employed as a tree
officer 20 years later!

PS I took down a big Sycamore in my back garden shortly after moving in as
it was slap bang in the middle and blocked all the light to the garden.
Does that mean I don't like trees?  (I'm glad to say there is an even larger
one at the back of the garden which is beautiful and is superbly located.)

What else, oh yes, now about the railways......

Yule tide greetings to all, Merry Christmas to the Christians, Happy Eid to
the Muslims,

Moanin' Tony. (Sorry Ian, I'm still trying to come up with a good joke) 

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