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Re: Why do people want trees pruned?

Subject: Re: Why do people want trees pruned?
From: Chris Hastie
Date: Dec 13 2000 10:19:06
On Wed, 13 Dec 2000 Tony Ash <> wrote
Where I work, some idiot , probably a landscape architect, thought it would
be a great idea to plant Tree of Heaven as street trees about 3 metres from
the properties all in a nice line down the road on a development in the
early 80's.

3m. You don't know you're born you southeners! I've got a row of London
Plane along a street where the buildings come up to the back edge of the
pavement. In fact, I believe that it was a member of this forum who went
out there with a spade, although he didn't draw the plans up. Mm, isn't
there some precedent to do with only following orders?

And things like this didn't stop happening 20 years ago leaving us with
the legacy - they're still going on. The housing department here has
just had a complex of three tower blocks landscaped, without consulting
the arboriculturists. Known as 'The Woodlands' and featuring one block
called 'Oak View' there are no prizes for guessing what our marvellously
imaginative colleagues in the Landscape Architecture profession have
planted 2m from the block and right in front of several tenant's
windows. But let's give them the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps they
consulted the tenants. In that area anything that stops the police
helicopter seeing in through you're bedroom window could well be greeted
by some with considerable enthusiasm!

And a couple of months ago I produced a landscape plan for a pub car
park to discharge planning conditions. Immediately adjacent to one
corner of said car park is a modern hotel. Accordingly my plan showed
low growing shrubs in that corner. The Landscape Artichoke for the
particular authority rejected my plan, saying he wanted more trees in
that corner because the pub is within the National Forest. When I
pointed out the presence of the hotel he replied "it'll be alright, it's
got deep foundations".

Yule tide greetings to all, Merry Christmas to the Christians, Happy Eid to
the Muslims,

And happy Hanukah to the Jews
Chris Hastie

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