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RE: Removing 1 Root On A Scots Pine 1m From It's Base

Subject: RE: Removing 1 Root On A Scots Pine 1m From It's Base
From: Ben Myles Oates
Date: Dec 14 2000 12:10:50
        The subject tree is a large mature Scots Pine.
        50cm D.B.H      15m Height.
        It is located on a raised bank between two property driveways.
        The bank is 3m wide and 10m length.
        The Scots Pine is growing in a row with 3 other trees.
        The subject tree is the second in the row, approximately 7m from the
road side.
        The driveway on the north eastern side was constructed of block
paving 9 years ago.
        The drive is approximately 1m from the base of the tree.
        The block paving has been lifted by roots in various places.
        The longitudinal length of the raised area is 2m.
        On lifting one of the blocks at 1.5m from the base of the tree to
view the root, it was estimated that it is approximately 10cm diameter.

        Will the pruning of this root, cut back to the boundary, 1m from
it's base, cause an unacceptable level of risk associated with the
destabilization of the tree?
        If this root is pruned how can the reoccurrence of the damage to the
drive be prevented?

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