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Ian May's joke .

Subject: Ian May's joke .
From: Tony Ash
Date: Dec 20 2000 18:55:18

Sorry, I still haven't come up with a joke, but here's a story I heard on
Radio 4's thoughts of the day.

There was a dilemma in a local Jewish community.  During a particular part
of the service at the synagogue, some people sat down, while others stood
up.  It started to become a bit of an issue when both the sitters and the
standers  insisted that they were following the correct tradition......It
got to the point where people would start shouting at each other and even
started throwing objects about.

Something had to be done.

The leaders of the community got together and decided that the only way they
could find out about the correct tradition, was to ask a 100 year old man
who was dying in a hospital nearby. 

They sat at his bedside and explained about the people sitting during the
relevant part of the service, and asked him if that was the tradition.   The
old man looked apprehensive, thought for a while and said weakly that it
sounded familiar but he couldn't be sure.  The leaders then told him about
the people standing during the same.  Again, the old man pondered  and again
he gave the same answer,  it sounded familiar but he just could not be sure.

The leaders explained to the old man that it was very important that he try
to remember what the tradition was as it was splitting the community.  They
told him about how some people sat and others stood; that arguments and
shouting would start; that books were thrown around and that people had even
come to blows.

The old mans face suddenly lit up.  Excitedly he cried out "That's it,
That's the tradition!"  



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