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Subject: Re: coverage
From: Bob Mills
Date: Dec 21 2000 11:57:29
Hi Colin..Happy XmasTo everybody.
 Our trip to Montserrat was arranged in order to repair storm-damage to
three Mahogany trees situated in the grounds of the Governors residence on
the island.
This was 93/94-We suspect that  the trees have since succumbed to the
 caused by the volcano.
  The Moscow trips were 93 and 95 and were initially to deal with problem
trees at the British Embassy but word soon spread and other contracts
 The work was varied and included the whole range of tree surgery activities
 piece-meal felling of very substantial trees.
  The south america trip was linked to the Montserrat task and involved
similar work again at the governors residence in one of the "banana",
A large part of the work involved the removal of "Bromeliads"-Different.
 The only problems we encountered were chain-saw related.--Purging the
engines of petrol
in order to board the planes and obtaining suitable fuel.
 The petrol in Russia is of very poor and varied quality.
  Fortunately,in true British form,our friends at the embassy had their own
petrol pump.
  They would wouldn,t they.
   And a happy new year to you sir
 Bob Mills

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