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Minor Web changes and 'Ask an Arborist' is back

Subject: Minor Web changes and 'Ask an Arborist' is back
From: UKTC List Admin
Date: Dec 28 2000 21:00:37
I hope you've all enjoyed a splendid Yule.

There have been some changes to the hosting of the UKTC website in the
last days. It is still accessible through the advertised URLs of and However,
those of you that have bookmarks referring to will find these no longer work and
you will need to reset them.

The new hosting arrangements mean that I have been able to resurrect the
'Ask an Arborist' message board, that some of you will have noticed died
about 6 weeks ago, thanks to a thoroughly unreliable hosting provider.

The new 'Ask an Arborist' can be found at

For those of you not familiar with it, 'Ask an Arborist' is a message
board that invites members of the public to pose questions about tree
care, and hopefully get an intelligent answer from a helpful arborist.
There is a special mailing list that notifies members of new messages on
the board, so that you don't keep having to visit the web site to check.
If you would like to subscribe to that mailing list just send a message
Chris Hastie
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