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RE: Biodiversity & Sycamore

Subject: RE: Biodiversity & Sycamore
From: Alan Reeves
Date: Jan 15 2001 20:46:51
I can't stand anymore!!!
For goodness sake  has anyone tried to regenerate
woodland under a canopy of sycamore?
Shade tolerant and true natives (?) get
Yes I can show you 200 year old sycamores that look
magnificent BUT .....
Biodiversity means just that
Sycamore does not rate
BIOMASS Now that is a different kettle of aphids

--- Peter Thurman <>
wrote: > Chris

I can vaguely remember reading two articles that may
be relevant to you.

One was about the number of mammals and
invertebrates associated with 
Sycamore - which was surprisingly high if I remember

The second was about Sycamore regeneration in
woodlands from seed and that 
given time, they suppress each other and so are 
less of a problem than 
people think.

Where did I read these articles? Can't be sure but I
think they were in the 
RFS Journal or the AA Journal - between 8 and 10
years ago?

All I would add is that down on exposed areas of the
south coast - it's the 
only decent tree you will find.

Peter Thurman  

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