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Re: Dead tips on Cypress

Subject: Re: Dead tips on Cypress
From: Alan Reeves
Date: Jan 25 2001 20:56:21
Any chance of a digiphoto or an envelope stuffed with
some specimens??
--- Geoffrey March <> wrote: >
Advice please.

I have been looking at a row of unexceptional
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana, 4 -
5m tall, that has many brown tips on the side
growth, scattered more or less
evenly.  This appears to affect one or two year old
growths and not further
back, and so the effect is not too disastrous as
these trees have a
relatively open growth, not trimmed tight.  The
proximal end of the affected
shoot appears to be girdled as if by a canker and
dead, but not chewed
around.  I have noticed it elsewhere casually from
time to time in the last
few months but have not had to look at it closely
until now.  Half the hedge
is Thuja which is completely unaffected.  Some
mixed-in golden Chamaecyparis
appear to be affected but to a lesser extent.

Strouts & Winter leads me to strongly suspect
Kabatina, and I am fairly
certain at least that it is fungal (this ties in
with the very high
incidence of fungal leaf & shoot diseases round here
last year due to the
cool wet conditions).  I am familiar with Cypress
Aphid and it isn't that.

S & W opine 'dead shoots can be clipped off to
improve appearance' but also
that infection may be 'through wounds of some kind'
so a general trimming of
the sides (come the spring) could perhaps make
matters worse?

Has anyone had a similar experience, is it likely to
worsen (perhaps only if
we have another dire season?) and of course the
customer's usual question,
CAN ANYTHING BE DONE about it?  Preferably as an
alternative to the old
'Control: none required'!

Geoff March

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