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Fw: Proper Guidance

Subject: Fw: Proper Guidance
From: Vic Morgan
Date: Feb 01 2001 20:01:47
If I remember my last reading of the change in Regs, the client has a duty
to inform the FC if there is a TPO in force when applying for a felling
licence. If not declared, the TPO appears to remain in force regardless of
any felling licence. If the client doesn't exceed the quantity of timber
requiring a felling licence then the FC wouldn't be involved, leaving any
TPO requirements unaffected. I also seem to remember that FC publications do
refer to the need to satisfy any TPO's, but it's worth checking.
As far as 'dubious' woodland management is concerned, a recorded delivery
letter to the landowner would surely leave them in no doubt as to their
legal obligations, (and be taken seriously by any Court it later appeared
No doubt the professionals will correct me if I'm wrong.
        Vic Morgan

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From: Jane Westover <>
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Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 2001 10:06 PM
Subject: Re: Proper Guidance

    As a newcomer to the Net,I'm about to lose my chat-room-virginity, so
forgive me for any social gaffs.

    This business of Forestry Commission and TPO's gets more worrying by
day, particularly when a respected journal like British Wildlife gets it

    In August 1999, when the new Tree Regs came into force, a procedural
change was slipped in, which meant that the Forestry Commission deal with
all WGS and Felling Licence Applications for trees and woodlands covered
TPO's, in consultation with the local authorities. Well  and good, it
us the administrative hassle, but ensures that we still have a say if we

    However, what happens if the scheme goes wrong. The enforceability of
WGS remains doubtful, as far as I know, but can the local authority
the TPO, if a WGS contract is in place? I am watching one woodland in
at present, with a certain amount of concern.

    Also, supposing an owner/contractor wishes to fell unlicensable
or a small volume of licensable timber. He doesn't need a felling licence,
and may not apply for a WGS. Are the Forestry Commission going to remind
that he needs TPO consent (if one is in force)?

    I have raised these issues with my Conservancy, with whom I get on
well, but as yet have received only rather evasive answers.

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From: "Chris Hastie" <>
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Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2001 2:42 PM
Subject: Re: Proper Guidance

On Tue, 30 Jan 2001 Ian MAY <> wrote
The following news item has been brought to my attention.
It can be found on p 446 of British Wildlife vol 11 number 6, August

August 2000? You mean they had a whole year to study the new regs and
still got it hopelessly wrong?

Funnily enough I came across a press release from a district council in
Warwickshire yesterday that also managed to give some rather misleading
advice about the changes re fruit trees. Just goes to show you should
never believe anything you read in the papers.

Chris Hastie

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