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Re: he's back

Subject: Re: he's back
From: Ian MAY
Date: Feb 06 2001 10:41:13
Paul .....
I can't believe you are at it again so soon !!
You of all people should know not to make wild assumptions without being
furnished with the full facts,(or perhaps you are deliberately withholding
them). Wirral may have good reason to spend a considerable amount of rate
payers money mutilating amenity trees and should not be publically pilloried
until proven guilty.
I regret that I shall return to deleting your postings upon receipt.

"" 02/05/01 10:39pm >>>

How did you get on with Steve????

By the way, it's actually pronounced Hawki. I've been away for a bit and 
missed stuff, I'm interested to learn the goss on
the forthcoming high hedges legislation. AMIUG provided info for consultation,
we've heard nothing since. It would seem that government are running with
option 4 - is this official? When is this likely to come into effect - Are the
high hedges and fox slaughter agenda on the same bill??? On a separate note, 
I have a complaint - The Metropolitan Borough of Wirral,
Merseyside, has a Tree Officer who obviously doesn't know the difference
between an apple tree and a lavatory - his arb spec is designed to mutilate
urban vegetation of north east Wirral by the provision of a 50%-70% reduction
of London Plane/street trees - I'm convinced that the sole purpose of the
Authority is to keep 3 men, vehicle and chipper in work during the Winter
months, prior to their more demanding grass mowing duties during Spring and
Summer. As Arborists, please visit Wirral and be appauled!!


Paul H.

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