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Re: Windthrow and Research

Subject: Re: Windthrow and Research
From: Alan Reeves
Date: Feb 19 2001 19:40:06
Thank You

--- Nelda Matheny <> wrote: > In
1998 I became interested in root/soil failures
(most of which are windthrow) and did a literature
search.  As Scott said, very little of it is in the
arboricultural literature.  But, there is some great
info out there. I accumulated about 50 articles. 
Putting it all together is quite complex, however. 

Windthrow has as much to do with site
characteristics as tree characteristics.  I worked
with a soil scientist, David Kelley, to better
understand the site issues.  I have attached the
checklist we developed for evaluating potential for
root/soil failures.  This was before Mattheck's most
recent work with windthrow, and I have yet to
incorporate it.  

Given the number of factors involved and the
unpredictability of their occurrence and inability
to measure them, our ability to predict windthrow in
any one tree is very limited.  Certainly we can
observe sites in which root failures have occurred,
and conclude that it is likely that more will
follow.  But determining which tree and when is
elusive.  I am doubtful that such a complex
interaction can be condensed into a simple
mathmatical computation.

Regarding contributing to UK research fund, I would
be happy to contribute.  Research makes me a better
arborist and is good for my business, so it's a good
investment.  The Western Chapter ISA has recently
formed a Research Committee and funded it from the
Chapter budget.  We want to fund research that is
regional in nature that the ISA Research Trust will
not fund.  Good luck and keep me posted on your


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