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Re: Damage to tree roots - prosecution

Subject: Re: Damage to tree roots - prosecution
From: Alan Reeves
Date: Feb 26 2001 20:11:03
Quercus Fate??
Just a Guess
--- Holding Ben <> wrote: >
Regards to all who are still out there.

Does anyone know of any prosecution, successful or
not, specifically
involving damage assumed to have been caused by
vehicular movement over
unprotected land within the crown spread of a
protected tree and where, at
that time of the case, there was no indication of
stress in the crown of the

If not can anyone point me in the direction of any
accepted research which
would support such a case and which would support
the concerns highlighted
in BS5837 section 7.3. (damage to tree roots by

What do you think are the chances of persuading a
magistrates bench or a
jury that damage likely to lead to destruction has
been caused? (extensive
vehicle movement of construction traffic over
previous lawn on heavy clay
throughout the crown spread of high quality mature
Oak - guess the name of
the property?)

Any advice would be appreciated.

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