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Re: Increment hammer

Subject: Re: Increment hammer
From: Alan Reeves
Date: Feb 26 2001 20:31:06

Two minutes revealed no UK suppliers  - unless
Fujikura can gety them?
Gabriella Nasholm
Walktax AB
Box 28
S-882 21 Langsele

Telephone + 46 620 21524; Fax + 46 620 21524 (yes.
it's the same number)

Note: Each country may have its own dealer who buys
bulk from Walktax AB. This could be a cheaper option.
For example, 
Kusche Handelsgesellschaft
Heidereutestrasse 33
13597 Berlin

Tel. + 49 30 3XX XXXX
Fax. + 49 30 3XX XXXX

Ben Meadows Company
PO Box 80549
Atlanta, Georgia 30366-0549
Tel: 1-770-455-0907
Fax: 1-770-457-1841

Street Address:
3589 Broad Street
Chamblee, Georgia 30341
USA/ Canada Tel. 1-800-241-6401
USA/ Canada Fax:-800-628-2068

--- Mike Ellison <>
wrote: > Does anyone know of a UK supplier for the
Increment Hammer?

Thanks for any leads.

Mike Ellison

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