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RE: Increment hammer

Subject: RE: Increment hammer
From: Baker, Rupert
Date: Feb 27 2001 15:00:06
I looked into getting one a year ago, tried Richmonds (now Charterhouse
Richmond, who said they no longer stocked it but could probably get one to
special order; I still fancy getting one so if you contact Shirley at
Richmonds ( 01428 XXXXXX), you can tell her she has 2 potential customers;
recontact me if you get anywhere (o1803 XXXXXX)
Best of luck

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        From:   Mike Ellison []
        Sent:   26 February 2001 20:10
        To:     UK Tree Care
        Subject:        Increment hammer

        Does anyone know of a UK supplier for the Haglof Increment Hammer?
        Thanks for any leads.
        Mike Ellison

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