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RE: VLarge tree moving

Subject: RE: VLarge tree moving
From: Alan Reeves
Date: Feb 27 2001 21:11:20
Tom Smiley 
Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories 

Try Journal of Arboriculture  or contact him direct
I can get you his e-mail from college if you need it.

--- Ian MAY <> wrote: > >>>
"" 02/23/01 06:22pm >>>

9. Nowadays I would add Mycor as Smiley's work shows
this works on older
trees, particularly when mixed with fertilizer -
contact Jason Houlihan for
product. (I did not have that advantage back in

Dealga, Could you expand on this a tad, forgive me
but who is Smiley, and has he/she
published his/her research. Are we wise to inoculate
a mature transplant, when it is already stressed
particularly from traumatic root loss, knowing that
Mycorrhizae can initially
demand up to 20% of stored sugars from the host in
order to establish its
hyphal network before it becomes fully symbiotic ? 
How does one test the efficacy of M in situations
such as this when faced with
infinite variables and no controls ?  Anyone ?

Regards .... Ian
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