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Subject: Walnut
From: Chris Skellern
Date: Mar 08 2001 09:23:37
Can anyone help this guy with information?

Chris Skellern.

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From: Klaus Benz <>
To: <>
Sent: 17 February 2001 20:17
Subject: Interesting Walnut.

I am not sure if yours is the actual department for my enquiry but if not
please accept my apology for troubling you. My interest is the following:
I have recently come across a walnut that has its shell made in three
distinct sections. I am interested if this is an unusual occurrence. The
actual nut which came from the Blackforest in Germany is still intact and in
my possession. I'm attaching a jpeg coloured picture of the nut to give more
Your reply on this point would be most interesting.
With kind regards,

Nikolaus J. Benz

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