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Re: Walnut

Subject: Re: Walnut
From: Jane Westover
Date: Mar 08 2001 21:34:33
The seed or nut of a dicotyledonous plant normally contains two cotyledons
(as the term suggests), which form the first pair of leaves when germination
occurs. I have grown several hundred oak from acorns, and a small proportion
have produced twins, and an even smaller proportion have produced triplets,
the acorns therefore having four and six cotyledons respectively.
This Walnut may be an example of this. If germinated, will it produce one
seedling with three seed-leaves, two seedlings, (one with only one
seed-leaf), or will one of the cotyledons be aborted. I'ld be interested to
know the result, if Mr Benz tries.

Stephen Westover

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From: "Chris Skellern" <>
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Sent: Thursday, March 08, 2001 9:12 AM
Subject: Walnut

Can anyone help this guy with information?

Chris Skellern.

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From: Klaus Benz <>
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Sent: 17 February 2001 20:17
Subject: Interesting Walnut.

I am not sure if yours is the actual department for my enquiry but if not
please accept my apology for troubling you. My interest is the following:
I have recently come across a walnut that has its shell made in three
distinct sections. I am interested if this is an unusual occurrence. The
actual nut which came from the Blackforest in Germany is still intact and
my possession. I'm attaching a jpeg coloured picture of the nut to give
Your reply on this point would be most interesting.
With kind regards,

Nikolaus J. Benz


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