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RE: TPO Objections & Representations

Subject: RE: TPO Objections & Representations
From: Dealga O'Callaghan
Date: Mar 10 2001 08:41:55
Neil & All at UKTC

In the Autumn, Myerscough College will be offering its BSc Honours Degree
in Arboriculture as a distance learning option via the Internet.

Prospective candidates can Register their Interest by visiting our Home Page

Blinking on the top right is a form you can use to register your interest on
Would anyone interested please do so - info. goes to a d/base and we
everybody with updates.

Without abusing the hospitality of this Forum:

Anyone is eligible to apply and dependant upon your existing qualifications
and experience, you can register to take the whole degree
(18 modules over 4-7 years as you choose) or a 'Top-Up' involving 9 or 10
(two of which are a dissertation).
The degree is structured such that one can tailor the degree towards
specialist areas
if one wishes, i.e. Urban Forestry/Municipal;  Consulting & Planning;
Consulting & Subsidence
Utility etc.
The Degree has evolved from our existing degree provision and a Technical
Advisory Board
representing all of the Industry had input and assisted us to streamline the
provision.  The names
of the TAB members are available on request.

For further Information watch our Home Page - Bookmark it and note there is
a live link
To UKTC on that page.


Dealga O'Callaghan
Tel: 0151-281-9285

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Edmondson, Neil
Sent:   06 March 2001 08:16
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Subject:        RE: TPO Objections & Representations


BSc Arb. On line?

Please tell us more

Neil Edmondson
Trees and Woodlands Officer

Chester City Council
Planning and Building Consultancy

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Subject:      RE: TPO Objections & Representations


I don't have this although you will find it in the Encyclopaedia.  You can
subscribe to the complete
Planning Service on Line for about £2.5K per annum - great value as it
includes not only the
Encyclopaedia, but the Bulletins, Updates, Cases, Court Reports etc.

In answer to your question - a recent (December 2000) case found that the
Secretary of State was not
a fair and independent tribunal to which one can appeal.  The present
of appeals contravenes
section 6 of the Human Rights Act.  The Court ruled, and this is subject
Appeal to the Lords, that
the Secretary of State is both 'Policy Maker and Decision Taker'
he cannot be the final judge
in appeals, particularly where the outcome could conflict with Policy.
suggestion is that the Inspectorate
be moved to the Lord Chancellor's Dept. or be constituted as a completely
independent body, separate from the
Executive (Government).  Significant stuff or what?  It relates directly
back to your query, although the Court
did imply that at a local level, one always had the right of appeal to an
inspector, who was independent.  However,
the DETR Arboriculturists are not independent as they are employed
by the DETR and not through
the Inspectorate.

This is analysed in full in the January Bulletin which is available free
from Sweet & Maxwell  Follow the link 'Local Law' and then login for
the Bulletin.  Its free
but you have to register.  The rest costs upwards of £2.5K per annum.  But
Hey, don't worry, when all
you guys sign up for the BSc Arboriculture on line, you will have access
the service via the Myerscough
College Library

Dealga O'Callaghan
Tel: 0151-281-9285

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Of David
Sent: 05 March 2001 18:48
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Subject:      TPO Objections & Representations


Anyone out there have the context of, or a URL to, Stirk v Bridgnorth
District Council (1997) 73 P&CR 439? With regard to the ruling that since
the Local Planning Authority (LPA) is 'both proposer and judge' when
considering objections to Tree Preservation Orders (TPO),

'...the obligation to deal thoroughly, conscientiously and fairly with any
objection (is) enhanced...'

In advance, thanks for your help.


Acer ventura

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