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Tree strategies and grant aid for work to protected trees

Subject: Tree strategies and grant aid for work to protected trees
From: Wright, Matthew
Date: Mar 28 2001 11:28:47
Thanks for all the opinion & info with regard to the TPO'd Holm Oak and the
retaining wall. I will now be recommending the application to remove the
tree for refusal (without an Article 5 certificate) and see what sort of
reaction that creates higher up the Council food-chain.

There are two further issues with which I would appreciate some help:

*       the Council has a fairly low-key grant fund to aid work to trees
covered by a TPO or within  a Conservation Area but it is currently run on
an arbitrary and ad-hoc basis (i.e. no consistent approach has to who can
claim grant-aid and for what type of work). Any ideas as to how to make the
system more consistent or criteria that should be met to qualify for

*       we are also looking to produce a tree strategy for Exeter. Has
anyone produced or know of any successful urban tree strategies which we
could use to gain ideas or use as a blueprint? Anything for an easy life.



Matthew Wright
Landscape & Tree Officer
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