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RE: Cedars/residential development

Subject: RE: Cedars/residential development
From: Wright, Matthew
Date: Apr 03 2001 09:12:44

I have had similar battles in the past and have often found that a lot
depends on the aspect of the proposed building. If the aspect that faces
onto the tree is a flank wall with secondary windows then the 12m distance
would appear about right to prevent future pressure to severely prune or
fell the tree due to a perceived threat to the building (falling
cones/limbs, needles blocking gutters etc.). If the aspect facing the tree
contains primary windows then it would probably be necessary to position the
building much further from the tree due to shading issues.

I have also found it very useful to take the Committee on a site visit in
instances such as this so that you can demonstrate your concerns in situ.

Stick to your guns. Good luck.


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From:         James Rutter[]
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Subject:      Cedars/residential development

Does any one have any 1st hand experience of distances for siting 2 storey
residential dwellings next to cedars.  Currently the crown of the
protected cedar in question has a radius of 6m.  The tree is about 60
years old and has about another 150 years useful life and I'm trying to
prevent committee from allowing an existing bungalow (currently am from
the trunk) to be built too close to the tree.  In light of its potential
size I have recomended 12m minimum distance from the trunk.  The arborist
acting for the developer suggests 9m.  In light of the fact that I don't
want potential purchasers coming to Elmbridge 20 years hence and applying
to fell the tree because it is too close to the house, I'm sticking to

James Rutter
Senior Tree Preservation Officer
Planning and Environmental Policy
Elmbridge Borough Council
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