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Re: Alan Titchmarsh

Subject: Re: Alan Titchmarsh
From: Alan Reeves
Date: Apr 10 2001 22:51:08
--- wrote: > I didn't see it
either, but according to the BBC web

 Alan Titchmarsh didn't do this piece Chris
Beardshaw did.
You can criticise the program through the "Your
Tips" section though I'm 
b***ered if I can find an e-mail address for
Titchmarsh or Beardshaw.

Here we go again, not that it did much good last time 
Catalyst produce AT
These are contacts used last back end

Alan Titchmarsh

Of course The Invisible Man, Steve Jones et al
(including the gerbils and the goldfish and Reading
and West Bromwich Albion) will have a contact.
Won't they . . . . . . . 

Alan Reeves
27 Garstang Road North
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