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Calling all arbor. consultants

Subject: Calling all arbor. consultants
From: Charles Prowse
Date: Apr 20 2001 22:04:00
I am a HND Arbor. student and am currently working on
my thesis, which is an investigation into the use of
software programs within arbor in the UK.

I have already sent out many requests for help and
have been deluged with replies from arb. officers, but
very few from consultants. I wish to compare the
results from the two sectors, however, with very
little data from the consultant sector my thesis may

If you are a consultant and you have an ounce of
compassion i would be very grateful to hear from you.
I am gathering my data from a short questionnaire
(takes about 5 mins) that can be sent either via
e-mail or post with a postage paid return envelope. If
you don not use any information technology your data
will still be invaluable.

Charles Prowse


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