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RE: Large tub-grinder

Subject: RE: Large tub-grinder
From: Moore, Kevin
Date: May 21 2001 07:16:40
Hi andy

It is not so much their affectiveness that concerns me, more the fact they ,
in my experience are one of the worst type of machines for lobbing sturr
miles in an unprodicterble direction. I am aware thsat many machines of this
sort now have wrap covers, but from an operators point of veiw that really
rae a pain.

In terms of logs and roots, i do strongly disagree, with your assersion that
they are by far the best machine to deal with them, espesiallty roots. This
is because any high speed machine that deals with contaminated woody wate
(the soil on the root) suffers extrodinarily high amounts of wear to the
hammer, belly pan etc (belive me i've been in one repairing it a few times).
In my humble opinion for that sort of waste you are better off using a low
speed machine, ok you do end up rumming the product through a high speed
afterwards, but depending on what grade of product you are aftre, screening
and reshredding is quite common place.

At the end of the day though, i think a lot of it comes down to personal
experience, if you have had good results with a certain type of machine,
then you tend to stick with it, if you have had a bad time you tend to shop
arround. Every site is differant, in many ways, and like most other things
in life it ends up that one mans meat is another mans poisen.

cheers mi dears

Kev Moore

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Couple of things that come to mind, Kevin I think if you are only used to 
haybuster tubs that may be the reason you think they are inefficient, 
certainly on logs and roots there is no better machine than a tub operating 
with fixed hammers. 

Mathew you may like to get hold of a company called J Coles Plant in Devon 
they have a Morbark 1000 with fixed hammers that will do roots and trunks 
01409 XXXXXX

Andy Smith

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