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RE: Development Close to Woodlands

Subject: RE: Development Close to Woodlands
From: Wright, Matthew
Date: May 25 2001 11:29:12
It may be worthwhile contacting the Woodland Trust as they now appear to be
one of the lead organisations in the fight to preserve ancient woodland.
Their website is at If you go to the
Policy/Conservation section and then Ancient Woods Under Threat there is a
contact for people who have concerns about an ancient woodland that may be

Good luck.


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Subject:      Development Close to Woodlands

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Can anyone point me in the direction of suitably quotable literature, for
the purposes of an Appeal? 
The issue I'm interested in is the extent and the effect of degradation
within a woodland (in this instance ancient woodland), particularly with
regards to the erosion of ground flora and biodiversity, following
adjacent development. 
I'm aware of course of comments in BS 5837, Section 6.2 relating to
individual trees and subsequent householders, but this is a bit different
in that I'm more concerned here with the increased usage/damage/dumping
that will result from the development.

Thanks in anticipation (blimey the times I've had to say that!)


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