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Re: Archers Drains and guess what? . . . "Trees"

Subject: Re: Archers Drains and guess what? . . . "Trees"
From: Alan Reeves
Date: May 28 2001 21:16:56
i) Does your garden have any trees left?
ii) Does your street have any trees left? 
iii) What happened to the tree in real life?
--- Chris Hastie <> wrote: > On
Sun, 27 May 2001 wrote
That story line sounds rubbish to me, when did
anybody bury their drains
under a solid concrete kitchen floor?

My soil stack comes down an inside wall in the
kitchen against what was
once the back wall, and then heads out under the
solid concrete floor of
the kitchen extension. I believe all 38 houses on
the road have exactly
the same design.

The storyline is apparently based closely on a real
life incident.

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