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Re: Archers Drains and guess what? . . . "Trees"

Subject: Re: Archers Drains and guess what? . . . "Trees"
From: Andersonarb
Date: May 29 2001 22:30:39
Real Life Incident?
According to who? A Surveyor I bet: it won't be a 'Tree Person,' well not me 
anyway. As far as I'm concerned any drain that's got roots in proves only one 
thing; the drain was bad. 

Its the same with houses. Any house that subsides has got only one thing; 
inadequate foundations. QED.

If a Surveyor lets someone buy a house with inadequate foundations he should 
be sued. When did you last see a Surveyor with a spade? Or getting under some 
floor boards? Or take a soil sample? For crying out loud, they're good enough 
at spotting 'trees in influencing distance' why can't they spot poor building 

I've had a look at my house, okay some internal soil pipes but I would have 
thought that it made sense not to bury foul water drains under solid internal 
floors. Surely there's a building reg about it? Yeah I admit I don't know, 
but oh alright the horsey types (the drain problem is at a riding school for 
you non-Archers people) never were over endowed in the common sense dept. 
(Nice gel, bit dim)

Right then Chris, your soil pipe is under the 'kitchen extension'. Would this 
be the sort of extension designed by a DIY enthusiast? Didn't require 
planning permission?

I confess, I know nothing about drains but my natural caution tells me to 
make sure you can get to the service runs. I was on a building site recently 
sheltering from the rain, watching a Joiner glue down the floorboards, (those 
sheets of chipboard):
What you doing that for?
It stops em squeaking.
Yeah but how do you get one up for plumbing in an extra radiator or putting 
in an extra socket or an aerial?
You don't.

A backward step in my opinion. I won't be buying one.

I wait to be corrected.

Bill Anderson.

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