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Re: Archers Drains and guess what? . . . "Trees"

Subject: Re: Archers Drains and guess what? . . . "Trees"
From: Chris Hastie
Date: May 30 2001 11:26:18
On Tue, 29 May 2001 wrote
Real Life Incident?
According to who? A Surveyor I bet: it won't be a 'Tree Person,' well not me

You're obviously not as keen an Archers listener as me Bill. Christine
and George seem to be being advised in this matter by the drain people,
not a surveyor or a tree person. And don't forget that Shula _is_ a
surveyor herself!

Presumably in the 'real life incident' the real life Barfords were given
similarly poor advice by a real life drain 'expert' who was short of
things to dig up. Whether we like it or not, in real life people get
poorly advised, and why shouldn't the Archers reflect that? It would be
nice, though, if, for educational purposes, an arborist could turn up
and put them all straight.

If a Surveyor lets someone buy a house with inadequate foundations he should
be sued. When did you last see a Surveyor with a spade? Or getting under some
floor boards? Or take a soil sample? For crying out loud, they're good enough
at spotting 'trees in influencing distance' why can't they spot poor building

If you don't know the answer to that question I suggest you don't write
any more reports until you've found out.

I've had a look at my house, okay some internal soil pipes but I would have
thought that it made sense not to bury foul water drains under solid internal
floors. Surely there's a building reg about it?

In 1861? OK, so in 1861 there would have been no inside toilet and the
extension is much later (though the soil stack would have had to go
someway under the concrete floor even pre-extension) but you take my
point I hope. Not every house in the country was built last year
according to current building regs.

Right then Chris, your soil pipe is under the 'kitchen extension'. Would this
be the sort of extension designed by a DIY enthusiast? Didn't require
planning permission?

It, and the identical extensions on every other house on the street, was
built by local council back in the days when they owned all the houses
and had some money for an 'improvement' scheme. As for planning
permission, I don't know. It's possible that it was permitted
development if it was done before the buildings were listed, if done
after it would certainly have required LBC. However, planning permission
and building regs are two quite different beasts.

I confess, I know nothing about drains but my natural caution tells me to
make sure you can get to the service runs. I was on a building site recently
sheltering from the rain, watching a Joiner glue down the floorboards, (those
sheets of chipboard):
What you doing that for?
It stops em squeaking.
Yeah but how do you get one up for plumbing in an extra radiator or putting
in an extra socket or an aerial?
You don't.

A backward step in my opinion. I won't be buying one.

It's not only my kitchen that has a concrete floor. So does the 2nd
floor bedroom. I'm not looking forward to the day I have to rewire!
Chris Hastie

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