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Re: Archers Drains and guess what? . . . "Trees"

Subject: Re: Archers Drains and guess what? . . . "Trees"
From: Philip Cowpland
Date: May 30 2001 12:42:33
We,ve just had a side extension on the house, with full planning permission.
The building inspector came to visit on several occassions, and watched the
builder lay foul drains (plastic) under the concrete floor of our new
kitchen room. He didnt say anything about it needing to be outside, just
pressure tested it. I hope we dont have problems, because part of it goes up
what is now an internal wall (boxed in). We did have the forsight to install
a rodding eye above floor level behind an access panel though. Modern
plastic pipe should be flexible enough and strong enough to withstand minor
movement, and when laid correctly they have pea shiingle backfill or similar
all round upto 30cm, so if the ground beneath settles, the smaller particles
can go round the pipe to fill any void. Our buillder used 6m lengths of pipe
so there are less connectors. Providing these don't come loose, there wont
be any seepage of water, which may attract tree roots that subsequently
exploit the source and exacerbate the problem. Luckily? there are no trees
near our new bit, and we seem to be on more chalk than clay, although the
house had subsided before we bought due to........leaking old drains!!


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