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Re: Archers Drains and guess what? . . . "Trees"

Subject: Re: Archers Drains and guess what? . . . "Trees"
From: Andersonarb
Date: May 30 2001 22:22:56
In a message dated 30/05/01 12:25:57 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

You're obviously not as keen an Archers listener as me Bill. Christine
and George seem to be being advised in this matter by the drain people,
not a surveyor or a tree person. And don't forget that Shula _is_ a
surveyor herself!

(With my tongue firmly in my cheek) I'm not sure I can tolerate that slur on 
my 'Archers' devotion! However this would reveal me as a 'sad old git' so I 
ought to shut up!

But thats unlikely. So here is a question;
Which Archers Character did George Barford (in his role as tree warden) 
chastise for removing the tags with which he was trying to highlight hedgerow 
trees to stop the flail mowers from smashing them?

We'll see about Archers devotion!


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