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A slap on the wrist

Subject: A slap on the wrist
From: Alan Reeves
Date: Jun 15 2001 00:47:45
Uncle Chris wrote . . . 
<<I really wish you'd desist from sending
attachments to a list that is around 99% PC users,
especially if you
can't at least be bothered to name them with a .jpg
extension. Your 
client is effectively broken since the internet
standard MIME type for
JPEG files is image/jpeg, not

Chris I don't comprehend this passage at all, I am not
5 years old, neither am I a computer fanatic.

Any jpegs I send transfer perfectly well when copied
to my PC machine at work, and to send them at all is
always a considered and time consuming procedure.
Complaints to Mr Gates and co. 
One day Machine SHALL speak unto machine.
Meanwhile, to others, any inconvenience is regretted.
Mote and beam.

Alan Reeves
27 Garstang Road North
01772 XXXXXX   07971 XXXXXX

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