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Subject: Mail Management
From: UKTC List Admin
Date: Jun 21 2001 16:35:40
On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, Sue Adams <> wrote
Some of us have rather a lot of work to do.  Don't get me wrong - the
forum is a brilliant way of communicating with tree people working in
all disciplines and areas.  But I am seriously thinking of turning it
off because I don't have time to read the flood of messages that arrive
every day. There have been over 200 in the last month.

Chris - is there some way of filtering out the "thanks mate" type of 

From the list's point of view you have limited choices. You can receive
all the messages sent to it as individual messages, you can receive all
the messages sent to it collated together into a single daily digest or
you can receive no messages at all.

You can opt to receive messages in a once-a-day digest via the web site: Uncheck the 'Receive mail' box
and select an appropriate type of digest from the drop down list.

The other option available is to use the features of your email software
to filter messages. Not all software can do this, but you will find
instructions for a number of the popular packages at

These cover sorting your list mail into a special folder away from your
inbox. If you want to filter out individuals, or certain subjects etc
then I'm afraid you'll have to work that one out for yourself.

Really the only thing that can be done about the 'Thanks mate' type
message is for me to ask people don't send such messages to the entire
list. If you want to carry on a private chat with someone, do it off
list please!
Chris Hastie
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