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RE: Vigour or vitality

Subject: RE: Vigour or vitality
From: David Evans
Date: Jun 21 2001 17:15:49
Hello John

Here's an excerpt from a piece I wrote for an edition of Crack, or was it 
Treeline, some years ago.

I think the origins of the distinction are from Alex Shigo.  Although he 
may well have lifted it from someone else.

'...vigour is the inherent genetic capacity of a tree to grow and endure 
stress and strain - a static characteristic, which can be considered as the 
nature of the tree.  Whilst vitality is the capacity of the tree to grow in 
it's given environment - a dynamic characteristic, which can be considered 
the nurture of the tree.  The operative words here are genetic/nature and 
environment/nurture.  This may seem a point of semantics, but this 
dialectical differentiation has important implications for understanding 
tree health, diagnosis, and management strategies...'


Acer ventura

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