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Re: Planes, irritants and health and safety

Subject: Re: Planes, irritants and health and safety
From: Alan Reeves
Date: Jun 21 2001 18:15:48
--- Dorothy Hartshorne <> wrote: > 
London plane trees have star-shaped trichomes
(little hairs or bristles)
that are found both on the foliage and young twigs. 
These trichomes are
brushed off the foliage and twigs during the pruning
process to become
suspended in the air.  They can be highly irritating
to mucous membranes
Sounds spot on to me.
It's a question of intense exposure/ prolonged
 rather than just being on the street where they live.
Unless one becomes sensitised, as in other allergic
reactions / phytosentisation there should be no
concerbs for Joe and Joanna public.

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