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RE: Vigour or vitality

Subject: RE: Vigour or vitality
From: Alan Reeves
Date: Jun 21 2001 22:38:12
Now then David .........
Yes you possibly read it in Treeline, but I know you
have a copy of the article - Iwrote it and sent it to
you and a bottle of I/KI.
Originally Shigo (Newe Tree Biol I think but other
sources used to formulate this intro >>>
 Alan Reeves on Assessing Vitality in Trees
 Vigour and Vitality are two terms which often appear
to be used as synonyms.
 Shigo defines them as follows
 Vigour is genotypic, an expression of the genetic
composition of a tree. The point here is that we
cannot by looking at a tree decide that it is  or has
"vigour" - this can only be determined by extensive
performance testing. Examining its genetic provenance.
 Vitality is something else. Again, Alex Shigo/s
definition here is that a tree's vitality is its
capacity to grow under the particular conditions that
the tree's system  is interacting with.
 This capacity to "respond to stimulus" as Alex puts
it will be limited by the amount of energy reserves
that a tree has in "the bank safety deposit".
 When we walk round trees, making proclamations about
their state of health, are we quantifying anything?
What can a tree tell us about it's state of health?
 When we visually examine a tree, we are examining the
phenotypic expression that is the interaction between
genes and the environment.. To draw conclusions
regarding vitality we would need to be able to monitor
the energy reserves that the tree has at it's

Seem familiar?
This was to introduce a paper by Tom Smiley (Bartlett
Tree Experts, NC) on the use of I/KI to test stem and
root sections for starch in an Article Called "Starch
Reality" in Treeline the ISA UK/I Chapter

I am still waiting for your article David, Old Man!!

--- David Evans <> wrote:
Hello John

Here's an excerpt from a piece I wrote for an
edition of Crack, or was it 
Treeline, some years ago.

I think the origins of the distinction are from Alex
Shigo.  Although he 
may well have lifted it from someone else.

Alan Reeves
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