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Re: Vigour or vitality

Subject: Re: Vigour or vitality
From: Alan Reeves
Date: Jun 22 2001 23:34:18
--- Chris Skellern <> wrote: >
Extensive performance testing.

 Vigour is genotypic, an expression of the genetic
composition of a tree. The point here is that we
cannot by looking at a tree decide that it is  or
"vigour" - this can only be determined by
performance testing. Examining its genetic
Vitality is something else. Again, Alex Shigo/s
definition here is that a tree's vitality is its
capacity to grow under the particular conditions
the tree's system  is interacting with.

So does this mean that the references made for
Vigour within BS5837 require
us to carry out 'extensive performance testing'
during a pre-planning tree
survey. Or should Vigour in these documents really
read Vitality.

Come on David, help me out!!
Look, the definitions are there to be sought out if
you look.
David and I looked and found and merely highlighted
(highlit?) the apparent interchangeability of the
I, for my part saw AS's definitions as being current,
widely accredited and clear(!??). and a starting point
for the examination of apparent "myths"(AS), and
Someone once said the Earth was flat. do we all
believe that today?

Just because we've seen it written down in a document
somewhere, sometime does not mean that we shouldn't
from time to time question our peers', or elders'
published opinions. Does BS5837 have a named author or
champion we can cross examine in order to ascertain
the basis on which his/her opinions were formulated ? 
Understand the definitions and identify and apply the
appropriate tests or jeopardise credibility at the end
of the day.
Seems logical to me Chris.

Alan Reeves
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